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the fan

Friday, July 1, 2011

Moving Out

This week was spent packing up our house and moving out. On Monday morning we arrived back home from the Seminar. Taylor surprised me at the airport (Dad already knew he was coming) and that was so fun to see him! We got a call from Brian that the movers were at the house and ready to start. They were amazing! They packed up everything after we identified which things were to go into storage and which things would go with us to Mexico. We had to be careful about leaving things laying around because they were so quick that they packed a few things that shouldn't have been packed! But they were good to find them again for me. By Tuesday evening this is what our house looked like...

On Wednesday, we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. Thanks go to my sons Taylor, Brian and to Maria and her son, who did all the hard stuff. Jerry and LaDeane Garner also helped immensely by fixing things that needed to be fixed and by taking all the "stuff" that I needed a home for. Also, my children were so good to take a lot of things that we didn't want to put into storage but that we couldn't take with us. The renters had already started moving in their belongings and by Thursday they were completing the job. Kimber and Ryan opened their home to us and Max for a few nights before we left for Mexico.

Wednesday night we went to dinner with the kids and grandkids one last time! How fun it was to sit and visit with all of them. I will miss them all terribly. We dropped Taylor off at the airport and on Thursday Robert and I took Max to the airport to put him on a cargo plane headed for Atlanta, Georgia. It's funny to me how many family members we have on the East Coast right now... Anyway, after an hour and a half delay in Atlanta, Max arrived in Norfolk, Virginia and Taylor picked him up. He was happy to be out of his kennel, I'm sure.

sorry, I didn't know how to turn it!

This is his favorite thing to do...

Friday morning Larry came to pick us up for the airport. When we got there, we noticed some children who looked a lot like Catherine and Ethan... wait! It WAS Catherine and Ethan! Melanie had brought the kids to the airport to see us off... so sneaky! Then we found the Garners and Rick Hansen there also. We had a wonderful time visiting and reminiscing at the airport before we had to board our plane. Such good friends and family!

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