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Monday, June 27, 2011

A great Five days...

Monday... We got back from the Seminar at 10 this morning and immediately got back to regular life. How strange that was! But that will be another post. Friday and Saturday were full of instruction on the programs that we will be using with the missionaries and practicing how to teach them. I loved it all. Each day was full of listening to General Authorities, taking notes, meeting new Mission Presidents and renewing friendships with those who we just met. Even though we have only known some of these people for five days, it's as if we've been friends forever.

One group that we tried to get to know better were the Presidents who would be working in Mexico. There were six other Presidents called and we became fast friends. We will see them at our training meetings while we serve.

On Friday we had a special wives breakout session which was very helpful. We discussed our different roles while serving... as a wife and mother, as a companion, as a teacher and as a leader. All of these were very helpful to all of us as we contemplated what we could do to make this mission the best.
That evening we had a devotional with Elder Bednar. He spoke about the requirements to become a Preach My Gospel Missionary... they are called by the Lord, they understand that they represent Jesus Christ, they are worthy, they treasure up the words of Eternal Life, they understand the Holy Ghost is the ultimate & true teacher and the understand that teaching is more than talking and telling. There is a link on the Church website that gives some highlights from the Seminar. It gives you a small glimpse of what we experienced in our meetings.

After the devotional we were able to meet four of the missionaries who will be coming into our mission in July and August. It was so fun to meet them and talk with them. These are some of the first missionaries who will be with us for the entire time of their mission.
This is Elder Peterson, Elder Wigington, Elder Shipley and Elder Painter

On Saturday night we were privileged to have dinner with Elder Bednar and his wife. She is so darling! We had a great time listening to stories of BYU Idaho. He is really passionate about the school.

These are the Mexico Presidents and wives with Elder Bednar and his wife.

Elder Gonzalez also had dinner with our group. He set me apart earlier in the week.

On Sunday we were able to hear from Elder Holland, Elder Nelson and testimonies from others of the Twelve who had been there all week. We also had a Sacrament Meeting where President Erying spoke. His remarks were so positive and uplifting. I felt very encouraged with his thoughts. He is such a sweet, sensitive man and happy. I think he smiled the entire time he was on the stand!
This whole week has been so uplifting and I have a feeling that I can go to Mexico and do this. I know that the Lord wants us to succeed and I know He loves His missionaries and with His help, Robert and I will be able to serve the missionaries and the people of Puebla.

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