the fan

the fan

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My daughters and daughters-in-law had the opportunity to attend Time Out For Women over the weekend.  What a wonderful experience!  And it was so fun to be with the girls for one and a half days.  We heard some amazing speakers and gospel principles and doctrines discussed and we were truly edified. My good friend, Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt, was one of the speakers so it was extra fun for me to hear her speak.  We also listened to many songs performed by Hilary Weeks which was a real treat for us.  We are already planning on attending next year too!


Friday night the music was provided by the Nashville Tribute Band.  
The speakers were Barbara Thompson and John Bytheway.  They gave excellent presentations.

We had great seats on Saturday, very close to the front...

waiting for the day to start on Saturday

Hilary Weeks. She was Amazing...

me, Kimber, Lindsay, Nickie and Melanie just before starting the conference on Saturday

After the Conference ended on Saturday.  There were SO many women there!