the fan

the fan

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

We didn't plan a lot this year for Spring Break, but we did take a little day trip up to
Sedona to see the sights and take a hike. We had a great time and loved the scenery.

we went to a place where there were several different hiking trails

It was still a little dry, but it probably is very green once Spring comes

We loved this little stream and you can see from the debris how high the water gets

Monday, March 2, 2009

Pinewood Derby

Lindsay has moved back home and we're excited to have her here. She realized that paying rent isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's great to have her back home even if we don't see her a lot. She has gotten a new job and works every day and has a busy social calendar, but at least she's here for dinner occasionally.

Brian has started Lacrosse practices again and will be starting games soon. We are excited to see him play and look forward to a good season.


Yes, its that time of year again, and as one of the Scout leaders, Richard was in
charge of the Pinewood Derby this year. I guess the Pinewood Derby is one
of those things that just keeps coming back.

Richard took his job very seriously...

and here are Richard´s loyal supporters...

the finish line

I have to say, that I really enjoyed it this year,
because I wasn't worried about one of my boys losing. It was just a lot of fun!

Another fun thing we did this month was to take the kids to the Phoenix Zoo.

They had fun feeding the Meerkats, who were lounging on a little island

they got to ride on this fun camel...

and feed these giraffes.

Even though it never changes much, we still enjoy seeing all the animals...