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the fan

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Africam Safari

We love Africam Safari!  And we love going there with new people... 
This morning we brought the boys and Mel and Linda to see
 the animals and give them a taste of Puebla.  


We haven't seen the bears before, so this was a treat for us...

The first part of the park you actually stay in the car and drive through, 
then there is a part where you can get out and see the animals up close...
this guy looked really scary, but he was actually just trying to 
catch the crackers that we were throwing to him in his mouth!


This Wallaby was very friendly and sat there while we all pet him...

Mel and Linda just outside the Butterfly enclosure. It was a fun day and we got to see lots of animals

After Africam, we took the boys home and Mel, Linda, Robert and I drove to Tehuacan for a special Women's meeting.  Because Linda is the second counselor in the General Relief Society Board, we arranged for her to speak to the sisters in the Tehuacan area.  We had a lot of women in attendance and we took pictures with all the women after the meeting.

 Mel, Linda, President Moises R. Cerda, counselor in the Tehuacán Stake Presidency and President Rubén Lopez, 1st counselor in the Mission presidency

 Elders Sperry and Hansen and Sisters Chento and Solano were also there

We took pictures of the sisters in attendance by ward or branch.
It was a fun evening and I was able to meet a sister who had served in the Hicken's mission in Mexico City.  Sister Olmos is in the red dress in the front, next to the flowers.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Center and goodbyes

On Friday we left early for the Center of Puebla.  We wanted to see the Gold Chapel before Darren and Lindsay left and they had a couple more things they wanted to buy, too.

After visiting the center, we headed to the bus station.  Darren and Lindsay rode the bus into Mexico City, which saved us having to drive another four hours!  We had such a great time with them here this year and we are soooo grateful that they came!

We took Brian for a quick trip to the dentist so he could get his exam for his mission, then we headed to Atlixco so the boys could get one of the famous Atlixco tortas for lunch.  They are so big, I can only eat a quarter of one at a time!  They liked them a lot!

Later in the day, we headed to the Puebla airport to pick up Mel and Linda, who came for a visit.  We were so excited to have them come for a visit.  We have a couple of meetings scheduled for Linda to speak at in Tehuacan and Puebla.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


On Thursday we went to Cholula and had a great time looking at the Pyramids.  We did some shopping, went through the tunnels, ate some crickets (Darren enjoyed them a lot...) and fed the squirrels.  One of the squirrels liked dad in particular...




We also went to the Pyramid in Cacaxtla and the boys discovered how fun 
live crickets can be.  They were everywhere and the boys had fun trying to 
throw them on each other.  I think Darren got the most to stay on Brian... 13 or so.  
Oh, and the Pyramid was really interesting, too.

Our favorite place to eat... an amazing amount of food for very little money!
We got tortas and tacos

I loved these tunnels of trees that we drove through on the way to the pyramid

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tehuacan Zoo

 This was probably one of the highlights of the Christmas holiday.  We spent the morning at the hospital because we thought Bradley was dieing, but he turned out to be okay.  Just a little too much physical activity yesterday!  Visiting the Zoo in Tehuacan is such an unusual adventure because all the animals are so close.  We weren't able to hold any of the babies this year but we fed the bears, the monkeys, the deer, the camel and the reindeer.
One of the baby tigers that we couldn't hold, but this woman showed him to us.

This Jaguar may have been the one that we played with last year. 
 He was very friendly and kept licking our fingers.  He definitely wanted to play...

...and these monkeys were going nuts over Brian's shirt.  Who knows why...

This little guy is only about 8-10 inches from head to foot... so cute! 
There were 4-5 of them and they loved the crackers we fed them.

This black jaguar was beautiful and also pretty friendly.  
We were able to pet him and get pretty close.

After the zoo, we went to Las Ranas for dinner... they have amazing food!