the fan

the fan

Friday, December 21, 2012

On Wednesday, we had a Leadership training meeting that lasted most of the day.  The boys came with us to see all the missionaries and ended up staying for the meeting and lunch.  Then they got a ride home with the De la Rosas because we had a baptism to go to also. 

 On Thursday we traveled to Teotitlan because Dad had an interview and we were able to get some sugar cane that fell out of this truck... it's a beautiful drive.

 Then we went to the Parian to look around the shops and to Las Ranas for dinner.  On Friday we spent the day with the Lopez family in Atlixco.  It was such a fun day! 

The boys got to meet two of our elders, Elder Shipley and Elder Foster and 
the Lopez family... President and Sister Lopez, Rebecca and Abram

We played ping pong...

  and visited with all their animals...

One of the brothers of President Lopez owns a hawk that is blind.  He lives at his house
 and just sits on their patio.  President Lopez brought him over so we could hold him...

That's Bradley underneath the hawk's wing...

Afterwards, we went into Atlixco to look at all the flower gardens.  
Atlixco is famous for it's flower gardens and at this time of year there were a 
lot of people crowding the streets in and around the gardens.  

After visiting the flower garden and buying a hammock for Bradley, we went to a 
Trout Farm, where they raise trout and have a restaurant...  These lanes are FULL of fish!

Of course, the boys had to find something that was a little more fun than looking at fish...
During the warmer months, there is a zip line and other activities for the kids...

 Of course, we had to eat at the restaurant.  And yes, we had the fish.  
It was good, but it was prepared a little differently than what I'm used to.  
Head, eyes, fins, the whole thing!  But it was good and fresh!

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