the fan

the fan

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lindsay having breakfast in the airport

Lindsay and I flew to Utah this past weekend so that she could visit the school where she is applying to and to move into her new house! Wow! We were able to get most of her things into 5 suitcases to take with us and the rest we will either mail to her or take up the next time we are up there. She is rooming with a friend of hers from BYU days, Kristin, and will attend Esthetician school. We will miss her TONS, but we realize that this is a great opportunity for her to finish her education and she will have a great experience.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ward Campout

Every year we look forward to the Ward Campout.
We love to spend the day walking through the area and visiting with our friends.

The Hansen compound where most of the action is...
and our campsite, complete with a spot for Max

Max Hansen and Josh Carpenter loved taking Max for walks.
Rick & Lisa Hansen and their family,
Brother Whitlock, Brother Lines, Brother Carpenter and Brother Whetton

taking Max for a walk through the Campground, which is called Long Valley.

Kevin Jerdon was smart and brought a bike!
some flowers we found on our walk

Lisa and Janet waiting for the program to start and trying to stay warm.
Mostly, this is the McCurdy family, enjoying the campfire program.
Bishop Gallacher entertaining us during the evening campfire

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I think school starts earlier and earlier every year! This is the second year that Brian will venture off to school by himself! That seems very strange. Ben is now preparing for his mission call, Lindsay is contemplating school in Utah, Brad is in Maryland working and Taylor is in the Navy. Anyway, Brian is attending Mesquite High School this year as a Sophomore and will be participating on the Swim Team this Fall and the Lacrosse Team later in the year. He is taking AP and Honors classes and is also in the Concert Choir. This proves to be a very busy year but we look forward to it and all the activities!