the fan

the fan

Sunday, April 25, 2010

bunnies and turtles and kitties, oh my!

Okay, so most of you know that I tend to have a lot of animals at my house! Well, my friend called a couple of weeks ago and asked me if I'd be interested in opening up my home to an orphaned baby bunny, and of course I said yes... "Buttons" was being bottle fed up until I took him/her and is still very tiny. In this picture you can see how he basically fits in the palm of Brian's hand. At first he was very calm and shy and would sit very still in my hand, but after a few days, he has gotten very aggressive in a small bunny way. He tries to scare me by batting at me with his front paws, but I just giggle. Once I catch him, he cuddles right up to me and loves me to scratch his cheeks. Once he gets big enough he'll go outside in my back yard and be happy as can be!

Our box turtles have also been enjoying being back in the backyard in their habitat. This is Harry, Ron, Ginny and Neville. Hermione is one of the moms in the regular backyard... We also have Franklin (the dad) and Rose (the other mom). These are babies that were born 2 years ago and we keep them in a kiddie pool in the backyard when it's warmer. During the winter I bring them indoors so they don't freeze! I feed them worms, pill bugs and meal-worms, but I'm trying to get the worms to establish themselves in the habitat so they will provide food for the turtles on their own. The turtles are about 2-3 inches long and they definitely like being outside better than inside!

And, not to be left out, these are the Sulcata Tortoises that we also have in the backyard. The big one is Tiny, then the smaller ones are Charlie, Fred & Barney. Barney is the one that got in a fight with a dog last year and has healed up very nicely. He's a little longer than Fred (his brother) because of the bandages that we had on him for 6 months. He still carries scars from the loss of his shell, but I think he will actually look pretty good in another couple of years...

These are our two cats, Allie (on the left) and Zoe (on the right), but I've been thinking lately of changing Zoe's name to Sheeba because I think she thinks she IS the "Queen of Sheeba". They mostly live in our bedroom because they don't like our dogs chasing them. Allie is 12 or 13 years old ( I can't remember exactly which year we got her...) and I'm not sure how old Zoe is because she was a lost kitty that we adopted. Allie is slowing down a bit, so I wanted to get a picture just in case she's not with us too much longer.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

16, here I come...

We celebrated Brian's 16th birthday last night with the family, but today is his actual birthday. He was very excited to turn 16 and has been counting down the days for weeks now. We went to the DMV so he could take his driving test and he did great on it, so now he's driving and able to date... how did this happen? My youngest child has grown into a young man while I wasn't watching! But he's a wonderful young man and he is a joy to be around. He's also a good sport to be the last one at home and put up with being seen with Mom & Dad occasionally.