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the fan

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brand new Year!

So it's definitely time to post something new! I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday. I know we did! We had all of our children home at one time or another during Christmas. Plus all their children...all 12 of the grandkids! At the busiest time we had 27 of us in the house.

Thankfully we weren't all sleeping here (well, I guess sometimes we were), just eating, visiting, laughing and generally having a great time. These are just some random pictures from Christmas because they
didn't make it into the book from last year!

December 12th, 2008, brought our newest granddaughter into the world...Kendyl Taylor Reeves was born to Richard & Nickie and is the cutest baby born this year, I think. She has proven to have a very sweet nature. Grandma loves having the opportunity to hold a baby anytime she wants to without all the nighttime interruptions...

Kimber and Chase were enjoying the opportunity to hold and talk to Kendyl.

Richard decided to have a photo shoot with all the kids. That proved to be a lot of fun.
Lindsay is helping to make a judgement call on the pictures...

Taylor came home for 2 weeks from Florida and tried to stay as busy as he could. Because he doesn't know many people here, it's hard to stay occupied.
Bradley was here from school in Hawaii and he stayed the longest. He was even able to take a quick trip to California to visit his friend, Daniel.

Benjamin came home from BYU in Provo and as usual, we hardly saw him at all because he is a social butterfly. He actually spent some time with Brian when he went out with his friends and they had a good time.
Kelli and Adam and their family came down for a week after Christmas and it was good to spend some time with all of her kids. We don't see them too often, so it was fun to see them for such a long time.

Mom & Dad also had the opportunity right after Christmas to go to Hurricane, Utah, to spend a couple of days with their good friends Earl & Lona Thomas, Glen & Carolyn Lewis and Ron & Dee Hellings. We had a great time visiting and talking about the "good old days" in California. It was great to see them and enjoy the beauties of Bryce Canyon, in Utah at the same time!

As much fun as our Christmas holiday was it also brought sick children and hospital visits. Kendyl was in the ER once, Sadie had a 3 day hospital stay and there were various other people not feeling well most of the time they were here. It's amazing we had such a good time in spite of it all! To top it all off, Mom had to have her wisdom teeth ripped from her mouth in January. But I think most everyone is feeling better now and we are looking forward to a great new year.