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the fan

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Seminar 2013

 We flew into Huatulco, Oaxaca for the Mission President's Seminar.  The airport was so interesting!

This is the parking lot as we're leaving on the bus.  I started to take a picture of the airport after we got off the plane and were walking across the field, but someone shook their finger at me, so I couldn't get the shot...

Have you ever seen an airport constructed with thatched roofs?

This is the entrance to the airport

...and we're off to the resort

there was a lot of road work going on along the road

no, this isn't our hotel...

a nearby golf course

yes, this is us...

This was the most beautiful sculpture in front of the hotel.  It is a common form of art in the area

the view from our room wasn't too bad...

the ocean beyond the pool...

After we got checked in we went for a walk and did a little shopping

A close up of the statue.  It's made of wood and painted in a very distinctive pattern

We found the same type of art piece in our room from the Area Presidency as a gift.

At the end of the hallway there were some stairs and a balcony.  This was the sunset from the balcony.

On one of our free days, Robert went sailing with one of the other Presidents in the bay in front of the hotel.  I hung out at the pool while he was having fun on the water.

Our generation of Mission Presidents

One day we spent in a nearby coastal town shopping and seeing the sites.

waiting for the bus ride

The bus took us to the boat docks where we boarded a catamaran which we traveled 
on to get to the town where we had lunch and spent the day.

The Anayas, Valenzuelas, Johnsons and the De Hoyos
The Anayas replaced the Hickens this year in the Mexico City East Mission and President Johnson is the Area President.  President Valenzuela and President De Hoyos are his counselors

yep, that's us!

Our good friends from the North Mission, the Christensens

heading out into the blue...

The coastline was beautiful

Dad is in his element...

We had a little music on board and some of the Presidents entertained us with their dancing... so fun!

I was really enjoying the trip till all of a sudden the sea sickness hit me.  I tried to make my way to the bathroom, but this was as far as I got.  Dr. Ruiz gave me some wonderful little pills and I started to feel better.  By the time we got to the place where we ate, I was feeling a bit better, but I continued to take it easy.

This is where we ate... There were several restaurants here and we had to get into little motorboats to get to shore... The best thing about eating here was all the people who kept coming around to our table wanting to sell us stuff.  I didn't buy too much, just a fan because it was really hot and a purse because it was really cute...

After we ate, we got back on the boat and went back to the city and boarded buses to transport us into the city for some shopping.

We were on the top of the bus, which was wonderful, but we had to be careful and watch out for low branches!

One of the shops we went into first was so interesting!  They combed and spun their own wool for making blankets.  This man is combing the wool and I got to try it, which is something I've always wanted to do.  It is NOT as easy as it looks!

This is where they spin the wool into strands of wool for weaving.

This woman is weaving the wool into a blanket.  We liked the blanket she's weaving so much that we bought another one just like it.

There were some beautiful Plumeria trees in front of the hotel and dad got some great pictures of the flowers...

While at the Seminar, as usual we received a lot of good counsel and direction from our Area leaders.  It is always a blessing to meet with them and with the other Presidents to learn from each other.

Back at the airport waiting for our plane to depart
Hualtuco is a beautiful place