the fan

the fan

Friday, August 30, 2013


Zone Leader Council and the Sister Training Leaders for August

Right before we started interviews, we had a visit from Matt Hatch, the son of  
family friends from California.  He came to visit the mission for a couple of weeks.

Interviews this week with all of the missionaries

Elder Almeida came to Puebla for a visit with his family...

I have discovered a new way to make brownies... A while ago I saw something somewhere explaining how to make brownies in cupcake tins with Reese's peanut butter cups.  I tried them and they turned out pretty well, but when I make brownies, I make a LOT of brownies and I needed to make them in large batches.  So I decided to try it in my normal pan.  They turned out well and it has led to some other experiments as well.  The missionaries love them!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mission Tour

This month we had the privilege of having Elder and Sister Martinez visit the Mission for a Mission Tour.  We were together for four days of meetings and instructions.  We visited with all of the missionaries who gathered together in three different zones and then we ended with a Leadership meeting on Saturday with the Zone Leaders.  It was a wonderful four days with a lot of learning.

President and Sister Lopez, Sister and President Reeves, Sister and Elder Martinez


 Elder Martinez demonstrated the effectiveness of working with the Ward Council to accomplish Missionary Work.  The work goes forward more effectively when the members are involved.

Elder Summers favored us with a special Musical number

with the Zone Leaders and Sister Leader Trainers

We loved having the Martinez' with us for a few days.