the fan

the fan

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We went to Tehuecan today to visit the sister missionaries who are serving there. They actually serve in a small community called Chilac. It was a beautiful drive and I loved the streets there so I wanted to post some pictures... enjoy!

As we left Chilac, we were surprised to see these mountains... they reminded us of Utah... It was a great trip!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Sunday, we attended a Stake Conference in the Fuentes Stake. Elder Johnson, the Area President, was in attendance and presided over the Conference because a new Stake President was being sustained. We attended 2 sessions of the Conference and enjoyed it very much. President Reeves and I had the opportunity to bear our testimonies along with President and Sister Mejia, the Mexico City Temple President and his wife. Right after the Conference we attended a baptism for two children of the Juanelli family, whose parents were baptized a few weeks ago. Elder Hurtado and Elder Alvarez were so excited for this baptism. A few of the Young Adults came to witness the baptism and sang a hymn. It was wonderful to see so many people at their baptism. After the baptism we came home and prepared to welcome the 13 missionaries who would be leaving the mission on Monday morning. We had a dinner, interviews and a short devotional meeting with them. What a great group of missionaries! We will really miss them all.

On Monday we started several days of changes... On Monday morning we picked up 14 missionaries coming from the MTC in Mexico City at the bus station in Puebla and we did their training in Spanish and introduced them to their new companions.

In the evening we picked up 3 missionaries from the airport in Puebla, fed them and had a training meeting in English Tuesday morning, then introduced them to their new companions.

This week, we had one missionary come in on Wednesday afternoon from the MTC in Peru, Elder Huaranga. He had been waiting for his Visa and just got clearance, so he got a special, individual training on Wednesday afternoon and then was off to his area with his new companion. Whew! What a crazy three days, but each day was different and it was good to get to know the missionaries a few at a time. It was also good to hear the training in English because I don't always know what is being taught... :)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mission Tour

This past week we had our first Mission Tour. Our visiting authority was Elder DeHoyos of the Area Presidency. His wife attended the Mission Tour also, and they stayed with us in our home. We spent Wednesday through Saturday training the missionaries in each of the zones of the mission. In the evening, President and Elder DeHoyos attended a leadership meeting for each of the zones, also. The missionaries learned about teaching investigators, the objectives of missionary work and the power of involving members in the teaching of investigators.

In the afternoons between sessions, we would go to a restaurant and get some lunch with the DeHoyos’. They are such a wonderful couple and they were so fun to be with. We enjoyed learning from both of them and getting to know them better. They both speak some English, so we were able to communicate quite well, sometimes in Spanish and sometimes in English!

We met with all eight zones, but these are just pictures of two of the zones

Monday, August 15, 2011

Branch Conference

This week started off with another Branch Conference in Chignahuapan. It is about two hours from here and they have about 100 members, but only 20 usually come to Church each week. We had six sisters in Relief Society. I think they had two children in Primary along with the eighteen year old teacher. It really is humbling when you think about the wards we belong to and the amazing leadership and support we have. These members meet each week in a home that has been converted to a church building and meet in very humble circumstances. One of our missionaries, Elder Gonzalez, is the Branch President. The Church is true and this to me is one of the evidences of it.

The members who were there for the three hour block

President and Sister Reeves with Elder Hernandez

A member of the Branch and his daughter

Elder Gonzalez (the Branch President) and his companion, Elder Hernandez (he taught Sunday School) with the Mission Presidency and two of their wives

Driving home I couldn't help taking all these pictures. It rains a lot here and the countryside is beautiful. These are just some of the ones I took as we drove along, over the "topes" (speed bumps)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This week has been full... again. Tuesday night we had a new convert husband and wife over for dinner. They have 4 children who also came, plus her brother who is married and has 2 children. They are taking the missionary lessons. Add the missionaries and us and we had 15 people to dinner! It wasn't hard and I'm used to cooking for a lot of people, but this group is used to different food so I was concerned about what I was serving... Chicken Broccoli. It was a big hit!

Wednesday night we went to a Young Single Adult performance of the stage version of "The Lion King" They did a great job and the costumes were amazing. Each stake worked on a different section of the play, so one stake did the hyenas, another stake did the wildebeests, etc. We have 12 stakes here, so it worked out well and they all danced and sang just great!

On Saturday we went to Africam, which is a wildlife park in Puebla that you drive your car through. We got up close and personal with the wildlife...We had the door to the van open, except in the "big cat" areas of course, and these are all just outside our car...

The tigers were my favorite...

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Brian does in his spare time...

Some of you may know that Brian has a lot of small, round magnets that he makes things with... these pictures are of two of the objects he has made...

the other one...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Friday we had another ZLC meeting in our home. I really enjoy the ZLC meetings because it's a smaller group and I feel like I get to know the missionaries a bit better. We also get a yummy lunch and some great counsel and training from President and the Assistants. We had some good discussion about some of the rules in the handbook and how to best follow the guidelines.

The rest of the week was spent at the office, shopping, traveling,writing letters and interviewing lots of missionaries. I never realized how much time is spent in traveling from one area to another in a mission.
On Sunday we attended a Branch Conference that was two and a half hours away. These sweet people don't even have missionaries in their community, but they are faithful and meet together each week in a home that is used as their chapel. They welcomed us and met with us and fed us. Even though it was all in Spanish, I could feel the Spirit and could feel their love for the Gospel. We ended up meeting with one of the Bishops. This is the view from near his home. This is all sugar cane fields...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

My new Mexican friend...

Robert was so sweet to buy this for me... this will be my birthday, Christmas and anniversary present all rolled into one. It was hand made in Mexico and we both fell in love with it when we saw it...
I'ts a Requinto guitar, and I don't know what it means, but I loved the look of it both front and back, especially the abalone and the wood grain. I've started playing again...