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the fan

Thursday, August 25, 2011

On Sunday, we attended a Stake Conference in the Fuentes Stake. Elder Johnson, the Area President, was in attendance and presided over the Conference because a new Stake President was being sustained. We attended 2 sessions of the Conference and enjoyed it very much. President Reeves and I had the opportunity to bear our testimonies along with President and Sister Mejia, the Mexico City Temple President and his wife. Right after the Conference we attended a baptism for two children of the Juanelli family, whose parents were baptized a few weeks ago. Elder Hurtado and Elder Alvarez were so excited for this baptism. A few of the Young Adults came to witness the baptism and sang a hymn. It was wonderful to see so many people at their baptism. After the baptism we came home and prepared to welcome the 13 missionaries who would be leaving the mission on Monday morning. We had a dinner, interviews and a short devotional meeting with them. What a great group of missionaries! We will really miss them all.

On Monday we started several days of changes... On Monday morning we picked up 14 missionaries coming from the MTC in Mexico City at the bus station in Puebla and we did their training in Spanish and introduced them to their new companions.

In the evening we picked up 3 missionaries from the airport in Puebla, fed them and had a training meeting in English Tuesday morning, then introduced them to their new companions.

This week, we had one missionary come in on Wednesday afternoon from the MTC in Peru, Elder Huaranga. He had been waiting for his Visa and just got clearance, so he got a special, individual training on Wednesday afternoon and then was off to his area with his new companion. Whew! What a crazy three days, but each day was different and it was good to get to know the missionaries a few at a time. It was also good to hear the training in English because I don't always know what is being taught... :)

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