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Friday, August 31, 2012

August 2012

We do so much of the same activities in the mission, I´m going to try to just blog for each month.  You will see a lot of the same things... Zone Conferences, Zone Leader Councils, Interviews, Baptisms and lots of new missionaries every six weeks.  So instead of having the same titles all the time, there will be just the name of the month and all the things that we did that month.  Oh, and of course, lots of pictures of Popocatepetl.  I should do a separate post sometime... "the many faces of Mt. Popocatepetl"

Anyway, this month we were delighted to welcome Elder and Hermana De la Rosa as the new Secretaries of the Mexico Puebla South Mission.  The office elders who were serving as secretaries will go back into the field and spend their time proselyting.  I think they are excited!

The De la Rosa's and Elder Morga and Elder Wigington

The Zone Leaders at our ZLC meeting for August

We are so excited to have the De la Rosa's here!  They used to live in Puebla so they know everything!

This month also brought some renovations to the Mission Home.  We are updating the carpeting and some of the furnishings along with light fixtures, etc.  This is what our reading area looked like while they were replacing the carpeting in the family room over the weekend... whew!

We also celebrated Robert's birthday this month.  The tradition here is for the birthday person to take a bite of their cake and someone else tries to push their face in the cake.  Luckily, they had mercy on Robert...

Elder Almeida and Elder Weston were able to baptize a young married couple that they had 
taught the lessons to.  Robert and I attended the service which was very nice.

But on the way home, it had started to rain and we almost didn't make it home!

The end of August brought Interviews with the missionaries and so lots of traveling...

Mt. Orizaba on the way to Tehuacan

and, as promised, some pictures of Popo...