the fan

the fan

Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Cambios

On the 23rd we had our Transfers and we welcomed 21 new missionaries to the Mission!  Six of those were sister missionaries, which brings our number of Sister missionaries to 20.  We are expecting about 20 more sisters before January...

The Assistants were helping out by washing the car before we left for the meeting

After the change meeting, there are lots of greeting and a last chance for the Elders to say their goodbyes

Elder Lopez, Elder Dzul (Elder Lopez' "son") Elder Christensen (Elder Lopez' "grandson") and Elder Cardoso (Elder Lopez' "great-grandson")

More of Elder Lopez' family... what a great legacy!
Elder Whitehead, Elder Ante, Elder Lopez, Elder Dzul, Elder Conrad, Elder Christensen, Elder Cardoso, Elder Packer and Elder Perez

Elder Marquez, Elder Garcia, Elder Aguilar, Elder Sandoval, Elder Bustillos, Hermana Cascante, Hermana Lopez

The new missionaries and their trainers

That evening, the missionaries who were going home came over to the Mission Home for their interviews, a departure dinner and devotional

Elder De La Rosa hands out their packets with all sorts of goodies inside...

Elder Schmelzer and Elder Mendez

Elder Kimball, Elder Tinoco and Elder Olvera

Elder Turley, Elder Leifson and Elder Garlick

Elder Tinoco, Elder Olvera and Elder Wells

Elder Beckwith, Elder Morga, Elder Lopez and Elder Kimball

Elder Beckwith, Elder Olvera, Elder Garlick, Elder Morga, Elder Wells, Elder Kimball, Elder Tinoco and Elder Lopez

Assistants, past and present...
Elder Morga, Elder Turley, President and Sister Reeves, Elder Lopez and Elder Lopez

As always, we will really miss this group of Elders but we wish them luck as they go on to college and careers.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Robert and I were invited to speak at the EFY for the youth of our Mission this year.  It was a great experience for us.  It wasn't an EFY in the traditional sense, but I think the youth had wonderful experiences that helped their testimonies to grow.   Here they strive to get every youth in attendance and encourage them to bring their non member friends as well.  It was in a beautiful setting that immediately invited the Sprit.  We spoke on the Atonement and included a fun object lesson that they enjoyed.

President and Sister Lopez also spoke at the Conference

Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Mission Leader Council

Our Mission Leadership Council fell close to three birthdays this month, so I made a special treat for the Elders and Sisters and we sang happy birthday to Elder Turley, Elder Mendez and Elder Wells

 Normally, we take our picture outside in our beautiful garden area, but it was raining today so we took it inside on the stairs... it was just a bit crowded, but I think they enjoyed the challenge...

They always love having their pictures taken!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Near the Costco and the Mall in Puebla, this massive ferris wheel has been in the process of being built for several months.  An elevated walkway/bike path was also constructed between here and the local park and college.  The whole area has been improved with landscaping, a sandwich shop and bike racks.  It is quite impressive.

I wanted to share these pictures that I took, while traveling, of the gorgeous cloud formations here...

and this man was walking his horses and donkeys down the road that leads to our house...

the local lake, in the middle of the road, that always occurs when it rains really hard...