the fan

the fan

Sunday, November 9, 2014

My daughters and daughters-in-law had the opportunity to attend Time Out For Women over the weekend.  What a wonderful experience!  And it was so fun to be with the girls for one and a half days.  We heard some amazing speakers and gospel principles and doctrines discussed and we were truly edified. My good friend, Jennifer Brinkerhoff Platt, was one of the speakers so it was extra fun for me to hear her speak.  We also listened to many songs performed by Hilary Weeks which was a real treat for us.  We are already planning on attending next year too!


Friday night the music was provided by the Nashville Tribute Band.  
The speakers were Barbara Thompson and John Bytheway.  They gave excellent presentations.

We had great seats on Saturday, very close to the front...

waiting for the day to start on Saturday

Hilary Weeks. She was Amazing...

me, Kimber, Lindsay, Nickie and Melanie just before starting the conference on Saturday

After the Conference ended on Saturday.  There were SO many women there!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014... A New Year!

We started out the new year by holding our Mission Leadership Council on January 3rd.

On the 6th of January we welcomed 16 new missionaries to Puebla.  They were introduced to their trainers the next day at our Transfer Meeting at the Valsequillo Stake Center. 
The next week on the 14th, we started our Zone Conferences...

in Valsequillo Zone

Mayorazgo Zone

Elder Hollobaugh, Elder Scott, Elder Camacho and Elder Dowdle

Tehuacan Zone

Cholula Zone

Sister Reeves and the Sisters from the Cholula Zone

Elder Boren and Elder Cardoso practicing with Hermana Arano in the Cholula Zone

Elder Urbiola and Elder Dunford practicing with Hermana Fernandez

Nealtican Zone

On our way to the Zone Conference in Izucar, we stopped in Atlixco to pick up the Sister Training Leaders, Sister Prieto and Sister Cascante.  Elder Chavez and Elder Contreras braved the cold to meet them at the corner...

When we have our Zone Conferences, the Sister Training Leaders have time to 
teach a principle or concept to the rest of the Missionaries.

Izucar Zone

Elder Wilson is demonstrating the principle of trust in someone else...

He then demonstrated the art of giving directions and being precise when teaching... He asked President and Sister Reeves to each give directions on how to make a peanut butter sandwich.  
It's harder than you might think...

But we were successful...

We were privileged to attend one of the baptisms of Elders Anderton and Bennett

We always have to snap a picture of Popo as we come into Atlixco...

Atlixco Zone

during the break in Atlixco

This is Elder Auten who arrived this month from the United States.  He is from La Verne, California, where we used to live before we moved to Gilbert, Arizona.  We were in the same stake there and are good friends with his parents and are excited to welcome him into the mission.  

On January 26th we said goodbye to Elder Ramirez.  
He has been serving as one of our Zone Leaders and we will miss him.  

Here he is with his companions, Elder Allred and Elder Iñesta.

On January 31 we held our Mission Leader Council because we would be gone the next week when we would normally hold it.  We have two new Sister Leader Trainers and a few new Zone Leaders.
Back Row: Elder Tobon, Elder Astle, Elder Kitchen, Elder Iñesta, Elder Dougherty, Elder Parrish, Elder Mendez, Hermana Rios, Hermana De la Cruz
Front Row: Elder Dzul, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Melaerts, Elder Grady, Elder Allred, Elder Wilson, Elder Sanchez, Hermana Baltazar, Hermana Ramirez, Hermana Prieto
Seated: Elder Chavez, Elder Contreras, President and Sister Reeves, Hermana and Elder De la Rosa

These are the Sister Leader Trainers with me and Hermana De la Rosa.
Hermana Rios, Hermana Baltazar, Hermana Ramirez, Hermana Prieto, 
Hermana De la Cruz and Hermana Cascante

Our view of the Volcano, Mt. Popocatepetl from our bedroom this evening.  It's always fun to wake up and see if he's smoking or not and we love seeing the beautiful sunsets every evening.