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the fan

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February Zone Leader Council, Interviews and New Missionaries

Our Zone Leaders 

Front Row: Elder Lamb, Elder Pantoja, Elder Goodsell, Elder Hernandez, Elder Nielsen, Elder Almeida and Elder Hernandez  
Back row: Elder Prosper, Elder Sperry, Elder Foster, Elder Rainford, Elder Wells, Elder Shipley and Elder Hansen.
seated: Elder Lovato and Elder Lopez, the Assistants, us, and President and Sister De La Rosa our secretaries

 We love our Zone Leaders, but every once in awhile, 
their true natures come out and we're not quite sure what to think...

Elder Avendano, one of our return missionaries, came to visit with his fiancee and both of their parents.  It was so fun to meet them all and hear the story of how they met.  They plan to marry in April.

Because of some knee problems he was having, Elder Alba had to go home a few months early.

 Interviews with the Tehuacan District
Elder Allred, Elder Mendez, Elder Hansen, Elder Nielsen, Elder Betts, Elder Wilson

the Ignacio Mejia District
Elder Colmenares, Elder LaFarga, Elder Durbano, Elder Mendez

with Elder Lopez and Elder Lovato

Tehuacan District
Elder Chavarin, Elder Garcia, Elder Sanchez, Elder Beckwith

I think the missionaries really like when we have interviews because I bring BROWNIES!

the Tehuacan 3 District
Hermana Gomez, Hermana Chento, Elder Heredia, Elder Chavez, Elder Buendia and Elder Garlick

the Izucar District
Elder Galan, Elder Martinez, Elder Handy, Elder Lamb and Elder Pantoja

the Izucar 3 District... Our Tlapa Elders!
Tlapa is about 6 hours away from Puebla by bus...
Elder Mendoza, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Christensen, Elder Dzul

One of the fun things about going to Izucar is seeing the three Iguanas that live right next to the Church building.  We can see them sunning themselves on the wall from the room inside the Church.

the Izucar 2 District
Elder Grow, Elder Lopez, Elder Garza, Elder Contreras

the Atlixco District
Elder Ramirez, Elder Rainford, Elder Summers and Elder Shipley
Hermana Arce, Hermana Arcos, our two English speaking sisters 

the Atlixco 3 District
Elder Dougherty, Elder Tinoco, Elder Lopez, Elder Kubosumi
Hermana Alvarez and Hermana Jimenez

the Nealtican District
Elder Hernandez, Elder Goodsell, Elder Rowe, Elder Ramirez, Elder Uribe and Elder Wigington

the Nealtican 2 District
Elder Farnworth, Elder Herrera, Elder Melaerts, Elder Rugg, Elder Centeno, Elder Morga

the Nealtican 3 District
Elder Kitchen, Elder Olvera, Elder Matt and Elder Villa

the Cholula District
Elder Foster, Elder Hernandez, Elder Navas, Elder Torres, Elder Arellano and Elder Parra

Elder Foster

the Cholula 2 District
Elder Samayoa and Elder Kimball
Missionaries always love mail!

the Cholula 3 District
Elder Reyes, Elder Cruz, Elder Torro, Elder Fernandez

the Mayorazgo District
Elder Ramirez, Elder Cruz, Elder Parrish, Elder Ratigan, Elder Wells, Elder Almeida

the Mayorazgo 2 District
Elder Aguilar, Elder Turley, Elder Grady, Elder Ton

the Mayorazgo 3 District
Elder Inesta, Elder Vilcapoma, Elder Rivera, Elder Leifson, Elder Juarez and Elder Weston

Elder Schmelzer and Elder Sperry in our backyard

the Valsequillo District
Elder Perez, Elder Schmelzer, Elder Prosper, Elder Sperry, Hermana Rios, Hermana Solano

the Valsequillo 2 District
Hermana Baltazar, Hermana Garcia, Elder Gonzalez, Elder Estevez, Elder Echevarria, Elder Ramirez

the Valsequillo 3 District
Elder Lopez, Elder Lovato, Elder Knowlton, Elder Astle

Sadly, we say goodbye to Hermana Garcia, Hermana Jimenez and Elder Hansen this month.
Elder Hansen's father came to pick up his son and was able to spend a few days with him in the field.  

But even as we say goodbye to some missionaries, we say hello to others...
Elder Dunford, Elder Maughan, Elder Cobia, Elder Eaton and Elder Swensen

Our new missionaries along with their trainers