the fan

the fan

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eagle Project

Brian decided to plan and organize a food drive for the United Food Bank in Mesa for his Eagle Project. This included organizing the boys, handing out fliers, picking up the food, loading it into the trailer and delivering it to the Food Bank. We had a fun morning handing out breakfast to the scouts who helped and then going to collect the food.

The trailer that we collected all the food in. This sign was Mom's contribution to the project.

Brian making calls and making sure everyone is signed in. It was his
responsibility to make sure all the records were accurate and all the information was correct.

Taylor helping out in his usual manner...

Some of our helpers! Austin, Matt, Matt, Gary, Brian, Steven, Ben, Taylor
and in the front, Andrew and Brother Colby, and the three boxes of food we collected...

At the Food Bank after the delivery of all the food they collected.
They were very impressed with the amount of food that was collected and they
were so pleased with his and the other Scouts' efforts.

Good Job Brian and all the Scouts of Troop 189!