the fan

the fan

Sunday, August 7, 2011

On Friday we had another ZLC meeting in our home. I really enjoy the ZLC meetings because it's a smaller group and I feel like I get to know the missionaries a bit better. We also get a yummy lunch and some great counsel and training from President and the Assistants. We had some good discussion about some of the rules in the handbook and how to best follow the guidelines.

The rest of the week was spent at the office, shopping, traveling,writing letters and interviewing lots of missionaries. I never realized how much time is spent in traveling from one area to another in a mission.
On Sunday we attended a Branch Conference that was two and a half hours away. These sweet people don't even have missionaries in their community, but they are faithful and meet together each week in a home that is used as their chapel. They welcomed us and met with us and fed us. Even though it was all in Spanish, I could feel the Spirit and could feel their love for the Gospel. We ended up meeting with one of the Bishops. This is the view from near his home. This is all sugar cane fields...

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