the fan

the fan

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This week has been full... again. Tuesday night we had a new convert husband and wife over for dinner. They have 4 children who also came, plus her brother who is married and has 2 children. They are taking the missionary lessons. Add the missionaries and us and we had 15 people to dinner! It wasn't hard and I'm used to cooking for a lot of people, but this group is used to different food so I was concerned about what I was serving... Chicken Broccoli. It was a big hit!

Wednesday night we went to a Young Single Adult performance of the stage version of "The Lion King" They did a great job and the costumes were amazing. Each stake worked on a different section of the play, so one stake did the hyenas, another stake did the wildebeests, etc. We have 12 stakes here, so it worked out well and they all danced and sang just great!

On Saturday we went to Africam, which is a wildlife park in Puebla that you drive your car through. We got up close and personal with the wildlife...We had the door to the van open, except in the "big cat" areas of course, and these are all just outside our car...

The tigers were my favorite...

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