the fan

the fan

Monday, August 15, 2011

Branch Conference

This week started off with another Branch Conference in Chignahuapan. It is about two hours from here and they have about 100 members, but only 20 usually come to Church each week. We had six sisters in Relief Society. I think they had two children in Primary along with the eighteen year old teacher. It really is humbling when you think about the wards we belong to and the amazing leadership and support we have. These members meet each week in a home that has been converted to a church building and meet in very humble circumstances. One of our missionaries, Elder Gonzalez, is the Branch President. The Church is true and this to me is one of the evidences of it.

The members who were there for the three hour block

President and Sister Reeves with Elder Hernandez

A member of the Branch and his daughter

Elder Gonzalez (the Branch President) and his companion, Elder Hernandez (he taught Sunday School) with the Mission Presidency and two of their wives

Driving home I couldn't help taking all these pictures. It rains a lot here and the countryside is beautiful. These are just some of the ones I took as we drove along, over the "topes" (speed bumps)


  1. You are right, beautiful countryside!

  2. AMAZING!! We love seeing all the photos! It's so exciting to hear your news and see photos of you and where you are living... helps us feel like you're not so far away. :)

  3. Wow mom. These are so great! I never would have thought of seeing sights like this in Mexico. Thanks for sharing! --Larry