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the fan

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Tehuacan Stake Conference

This weekend we attended a Stake Conference in Tehuacan, with an adult meeting on Saturday night and the General Session on Sunday morning.  Because it's a two hour drive to Tehuacan, we stayed in a hotel overnight.  It was the cutest place with lots of charm.  We loved the room, too, it was very comfortable...

the lobby

the outside hallways and patio areas

the stairway leading to our room

looking back down the stairs

the open hallway and our room where we stayed.  Funny enough, it was called the "Puebla" room

This is President Atkinson, the President of the Oaxaca Temple.  Because the Mexico City Temple is closing in December for renovations, our mission will be in the Oaxaca Temple District for the next year and a half.  President Atkinson also spoke at the Conference.  An interesting thing about him is that he was the Mission President of President Lopez, Robert's first counselor in the Mission. 
 It really is a small world.

He has a great sense of humor and President Reeves always likes to make others feel comfortable...

They always have the most beautiful flowers at our conferences!

At this time of year, every flower is being prepared for harvest during the first of November for 
"Day of the Dead".  We passed several fields that looked just like this, full of beautiful flowers...

As we came back into Puebla, we realized they must have had a good amount of rain while we were gone because this offramp was completely flooded.  The water came up and over the front of our car as we drove through!  It was REALLY deep!

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