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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Africam Safari

We love Africam Safari!  And we love going there with new people... 
This morning we brought the boys and Mel and Linda to see
 the animals and give them a taste of Puebla.  


We haven't seen the bears before, so this was a treat for us...

The first part of the park you actually stay in the car and drive through, 
then there is a part where you can get out and see the animals up close...
this guy looked really scary, but he was actually just trying to 
catch the crackers that we were throwing to him in his mouth!


This Wallaby was very friendly and sat there while we all pet him...

Mel and Linda just outside the Butterfly enclosure. It was a fun day and we got to see lots of animals

After Africam, we took the boys home and Mel, Linda, Robert and I drove to Tehuacan for a special Women's meeting.  Because Linda is the second counselor in the General Relief Society Board, we arranged for her to speak to the sisters in the Tehuacan area.  We had a lot of women in attendance and we took pictures with all the women after the meeting.

 Mel, Linda, President Moises R. Cerda, counselor in the Tehuacán Stake Presidency and President Rubén Lopez, 1st counselor in the Mission presidency

 Elders Sperry and Hansen and Sisters Chento and Solano were also there

We took pictures of the sisters in attendance by ward or branch.
It was a fun evening and I was able to meet a sister who had served in the Hicken's mission in Mexico City.  Sister Olmos is in the red dress in the front, next to the flowers.

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