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the fan

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tehuacan Zoo

 This was probably one of the highlights of the Christmas holiday.  We spent the morning at the hospital because we thought Bradley was dieing, but he turned out to be okay.  Just a little too much physical activity yesterday!  Visiting the Zoo in Tehuacan is such an unusual adventure because all the animals are so close.  We weren't able to hold any of the babies this year but we fed the bears, the monkeys, the deer, the camel and the reindeer.
One of the baby tigers that we couldn't hold, but this woman showed him to us.

This Jaguar may have been the one that we played with last year. 
 He was very friendly and kept licking our fingers.  He definitely wanted to play...

...and these monkeys were going nuts over Brian's shirt.  Who knows why...

This little guy is only about 8-10 inches from head to foot... so cute! 
There were 4-5 of them and they loved the crackers we fed them.

This black jaguar was beautiful and also pretty friendly.  
We were able to pet him and get pretty close.

After the zoo, we went to Las Ranas for dinner... they have amazing food!

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