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the fan

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mexico, here we come!

We left at 7:30 Friday morning for the airport. Our flight was at 10 and we had plenty of time so we didn't feel too rushed or anxious. By the time we got to our gate, they had already boarded everyone and we were one of the last ones to get on! So much for not rushing... We flew to Houston and had a 3 hour lay over there, but we were able to eat and have a bit of dessert while we waited. We also took a little bit of a nap...

The flight from Houston to Puebla was on a smaller plane, about 50 people were on the flight. It was a great flight, but a little bumpy the closer we got to Puebla.

this was a very small plane!

We landed at 8:30 pm and it was dark, so all we could see were the lights of the city as we came in. As we exited the plane onto the tarmac we saw 3 armed Federales at the bottom of the stairs... armed as in carrying machine guns... I thought about taking their picture, but decided they might not like that so I didn't. It took awhile to get through customs, but eventually we did and I didn't get my bag of jelly beans confiscated. So relieved! However, two of our bags were left in Houston! We were told that they will arrive on the flight tomorrow night... we'll see.

The departing Mission President and his wife, President and Sister Rex, were there to meet us and they drove us to the Mission Office where we met the office staff and the Assistants, and also the Counselors in the Mission Presidency. They are cousins and so they are both Hermano Sandoval! Makes it easy to remember... We had a little bit to eat and then visited and they all expressed their love and gratitude for the Rex's. It was very touching and I can see that we have some big shoes to fill. The missionaries love the Rex's very much. It was about 12 when we left the mission office and headed for the Mission home. After a lot more instruction we finally got to bed at 2:45 am! I asked Sister Rex what time they were leaving because I thought I could make some breakfast for them, but she said they were leaving in an hour! They were catching a bus to Mexico City and catching a flight from there. Wow! I guess they will sleep on the plane!

Saturday was busy with meetings for Robert and the Assistants. They worked at the house for a couple of hours then continued at the office until 3 when they came to get Brian and me to go shopping at Costco. It was the same but different...

Elder Hurtado and Elder Alvarez, ate dinner with us that evening. They are wonderful missionaries and they already have a spot in my heart. We've spent a lot of time with them in the last couple of days! They have shown an interest in Brian and are trying to teach him Spanish every chance they get. He likes them, too, and has been invited to play soccer with them on Monday, their preparation day.

The Mission Home is beautiful and I feel at home here already. I have been looking at pictures of it for a couple of months now, so it doesn't seem so foreign to me. It's very comfy and welcoming.


  1. We're happy that we could see you off at the airport. I'm so glad you all made it safely there. Sorry to hear about your luggage...that's frustrating. I look forward to reading the blog but expect you to be working more than blogging. ;-) We love you!

  2. thanks Larry... we finally got our bags last night. So far Dad has been very busy but not me, so I've had time to blog. I did have to catch up! I expect to take time on Sunday evenings or whenever I have the time once a week so everyone can keep current. It was fun to have you all come to the airport. Thank you for that! Tell the kids we have the picture book on the table in our sitting room! I love it. Love you all!