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the fan

Friday, July 15, 2011

Two weeks down...

Well, we've been here for two weeks and it seems so normal! Aside from the fact that everyone speaks Spanish... We had a great week. Not as busy as last week.

On Monday we dropped off our first missionary to return home from the mission. Sister Munoz impressed me greatly even though I only spent one morning with her. As we sat in the Bus Terminal waiting for her bus to depart, she approached a family sitting near us and asked if they would be interested in learning more about the church. She is a sweet and beautiful young woman.

After seeing Hermana Munoz off, we waited for the 11 missionaries coming in by bus from the Mexico City MTC.

Our first
group of Missionaries!

These missionaries will be the first group of missionaries to be with us for their whole two years. We were very excited to meet them and start their training. They were very excited to meet their first companions and trainers.

As soon as we were done at the Mission Office, we drove two hours to Mexico City with the assistants to meet another sister coming from the Peru MTC. When we got there, we found our good friends (past Stake President and co grandparents of our grandson, Van) the Hickens! They are presiding over the Mexico City East mission and were also waiting for missionaries, so we got to visit with them for two hours while we waited for our missionaries to come through customs (how fun!). Sister Nunura is very sweet and I think she will be a very powerful missionary. After driving back to Puebla, we drove out to the Puebla airport and waited for our last missionary of this transfer... Elder Painter from the Provo MTC. We had the opportunity to meet Elder Painter while we were in the MTC for the Seminar, so we were very excited to meet him again. It was a long day, but very fun and exciting to welcome so many missionaries to the mission.
President Reeves spoke at a stake meeting for the youth who didn't go to EFY on Wednesday. Usually when he speaks, he asks me to bear my testimony. I'm fairly confident in doing that in Spanish and I've started to venture out in the things that I say, but did you know that the word in Spanish for "sin" and "fish" are very similar?

We have been having the Assistants drive us around town because it is very confusing here and we don't really know our way around yet. But... President Reeves successfully navigated us to the Mission Office and back home yesterday. Woo Hoo! Of course, the Assistants were in the back seat...

Today was Zone Leader Council. We had the Zone Leaders from the 8 zones, the Assistants and the Office Elders for a meeting in our home that lasted from 9 am till 2 pm. They received training about finding new people to teach and being obedient, among other things. We have such good assistants. They are amazing teachers and they are so loving towards the other elders. After the meeting we served Cafe Rio for lunch and it was a big hit. Elder Alvarez got very excited when I told him there were jalapenos in the dressing...


  1. Thanks for the updates, Mom. I can only imagine the sin/fish mixup! :-) Love you all!

  2. Janet, these updates with pictures are fabulous! So happy you take the time to do this.
    You will discover Spanish words are similar: 'pecado' and 'pescado'!! You will become such a pro at speaking Spanish before you know it. Love you both!!

  3. Look at you guys being all Mission President-y!! You're so cute, and I can imagine you both doing such a fabulous job down there! And I'm sure the missionaries LOVE you both to death!! Loves! (and tell Brian I say hi)