the fan

the fan

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where we live...

These are some pictures of the house we're living in. We really like it and it's very comfortable...

the front door... it's inside the garage, not off the street. it's actually quite convenient and the only thing you see from the street is our garage door...

This is the living room and it's right inside and to the right of the entry way. President Reeves has an office to the left of the entry and the kitchen is straight ahead. The dining room is right next to the living room. They make one long room.

the kitchen is very spacious and it's very easy to keep everything clean. We also have a sister from the ward come in every day to tidy up and keep things looking nice. We love Magdalena!

This is the upstairs sitting area. There are five bedrooms that are off of this area.

This is the family room upstairs and it's where we spend most of our time. It's right between our bedroom and Brian's, so it's the natural gathering place for games, computers and hanging out.
We love it!


  1. Um why do you get a maid and I dont??

    :) Love the house, its gorg!

  2. We don't call her a maid, she's our house help! She's in our ward and she's amazing! I want to grow up to be like her...