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the fan

Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome to the mission...

On Sunday we went to church at our new ward and it was a great experience. The Assistants went with us as we don't know our way around Puebla yet. It is a crazy place and we don't know any of the streets yet or where we're going. Because it was Fast Sunday and we wanted to get to know the members of the ward better, we decided to bear our testimonies. So we did and we did it in Spanish... It went well and after the meeting a lot of the members came up and introduced themselves to us and welcomed us to the ward. They all made us feel very welcome and it was a great first Sunday.

On Monday Brian got to play soccer with Elder Dominguez, Elder Hurtado and Elder Alvarez. He was a little worried because he hasn't played soccer in 4 years, but he did great and had a good time. It was a little hard playing at this altitude (7,000 ft.) but he survived!

Robert was very busy with meetings with the Assistants on Sunday and Monday getting ready for the Zone Conferences. He was able to go with us to watch Brian play soccer, though. Even when he's home from the mission office, he seems to be on the phone a lot with the Elders.

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  1. Best wishes on a successful mission in Mexico. I've been meaning to email you sooner but kept forgetting to.

    Good Luck and take care.

    Acton, CA