the fan

the fan

Saturday, December 10, 2011

We were at a loss as to where we would buy our Christmas Tree... Costco didn't have any and the only tree lot that we found in Puebla didn't have the kind of tree that we wanted. This morning we got in the car and decided to drive around until we could find something. As we were driving and searching, we found a little tienda along the side of the road, where they were selling trees and mangers. He unwrapped a beautiful Noble Fir for us that had just been delivered and we bought it and a manger for our Willow Tree figures that we brought from home.

We bought some new lights for the tree and found a number of boxes of decorations in the closet in the Mission Home and so we set out to decorating the tree.

This is a picture of Van and the tree after their family arrived on the 21st.
It is so wonderful to have a live Christmas tree again after 7 years! The tree was so fresh, it smelled wonderful!

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