the fan

the fan

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Empty Nesters??

It finally happened... After 35 years of marriage and 34 years of having children in our home, we are "empty nesters". I always thought I would enjoy having some time to myself, but it stinks! Taylor and Nicole left early this morning from the Puebla airport and then Ben, Brian, Dad and I left for Mexico City later in the morning for Ben and Brian's flight back to the States.

We had lunch at the Carl's Jr. there in the airport...
leave it to them to have to have a funny picture!

I'm lucky that I didn't get my camera taken away... I took this picture just before they went through Security and as I started to take another, the Security person wagged his finger at me, as if to say, "Don't do it..." And just like that they were gone. Ben flew to North Carolina to meet up with his roommate and good friend, Josh Locklear. Brian was on his way to Utah to spend a week with Lindsay and Darren, and then he will return to Arizona to finish his Senior year of High School. I was pretty emotional the rest of the day...

It will probably take us awhile to get used to this new phase of life,
but we have 200 missionaries to keep us busy while that happens!

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