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the fan

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas with the fam

Christmas is always better when there are little children involved...

On Christmas Eve, Van opening his present from Santa...

cutest little guy around!

We started out Christmas morning like we usually do... Dad read the account in Luke 2 of the story of Christ's birth.

Taylor and Nicole

Ryan was not feeling well at all. He got very sick from some tacos he ate or something...

Brian in his usual blanket

Then we opened the Christmas Stockings to see what Santa brought...

Then came the presents!

Van figured out how to open his presents pretty quickly, then he decided he needed to help everyone else open theirs!

Taylor gave Nicole a mini quad for Christmas...

Kimber gave Brian some snowboarding gloves...

After opening the presents, we went to church for one meeting with both wards in attendance. Robert, Ben, Brian and Taylor sang "The First Noel" with Kimber accompanying them on the piano. It was beautiful and really brought the Spirit into the meeting.
After church, we came back and had dinner and enjoyed the day with the family.

We were also able to skype with Larry and Melanie and Lindsay and Darren.
All in all, a very good day!

On the 26th, we had new missionaries arrive from Mexico and the States.

Our new Mexican missionaries, Elder Ulloa, Elder Betts, Elder Perdomo, President and Sister Reeves, Elder Leon, Elder Cruz, Elder Prosper, Elder Ugalde

Our new American missionaries and two Peruvian Missionaries, Elder Mendoza, Elder Whitney, Elder Kubosumi, Elder Young, Sister and President Reeves, Elder Rodriguez, Elder Barnes and Elder Knowlton (this was taken the morning of the 27th, as our American elders arrived late Monday night).

The new trainers with the new missionaries...

While we were training, the kids went to the soccer field down the street and played some soccer.

I think they had a good time! After soccer, the kids went to a tienda across the street and got some tortas for lunch. Kimber, Ryan and Van were heading to Mexico City to continue their Christmas vacation by spending a few days with Ryan's parents who are serving as Mission Presidents in the Mexico City East mission. Our office elders drove them to Mexico City to drop them off. It was the first of our goodbyes this week and wasn't fun at all. We will miss you...

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  1. Awe I miss being there so much! I wish we didn't have to leave :)