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the fan

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


It's that time again!  Cambios!  We started out on Sunday with a wonderful dinner and devotional for the missionaries returning home to their families after serving faithfully for two years.  

Elder Foster and Elder Sperry really wanted to cook hot dogs and hamburgers for dinner, so I let them...  We had a couple of issues with the propane tank, but being missionaries, they got the problem solved in no time and got everything cooked up just great.

Elder Farnworth was helping out, too.

I think everyone really enjoyed dinner.  We cooked up some chicken, too and had veges on the side.

We had a wonderful devotional meeting and listened to their wonderful testimonies.  We have been serving with these missionaries for just over eighteen months, so it was hard to say goodbye.

Elder Turley was trained by Elder Nielsen and they served together for four months in Alta Vista

Elder Nielsen on the piano as Elder Foster looks on

Just waiting for the meeting to start...
above... Elder Matt, Elder Rainford, Elder Ton
below... Elder Morga, Elder Goodsell, Elder Matt

(standing) Elder Martinez, Elder Goodsell, Elder Lamb, Elder Matt, Elder Farnworth, 
Elder Ton, Elder Sperry, Elder Foster 
(seated) Elder Nielsen, Elder Rainford, Sister and President Reeves

The departing missionaries with the Assistants; Elder Lovato (returning home), Elder Lopez 
and Elder Morga (new assistant) and with the Secretaries; Elder and Sister De La Rosa

We will sure miss this group of wonderful young men!

On Monday morning we welcomed our new Missionaries from Mexico at the bus station...

It's always great to get new missionaries!

Monday night we went to the Puebla airport and welcomed in the 19 missionaries arriving from the United States.  Some of them had been waiting for their Visas, so we were very excited to finally have them arrive.

This is at the Change meeting the next day with all the new missionaries and their trainers

This is Elder Scott and his trainer, Elder Schmelzer.  
Elder Scott is from Gilbert, Arizona and is a friend of Brian's.  We were very excited for him to arrive!

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