the fan

the fan

Monday, November 21, 2011

Yesterday, the President and the assistants traveled to the Grajales Branch, which is Southeast of Puebla.

Elder Gonzalez

Elder Tate

Elder Wennerholm was along too. This was the area where he was serving when he got sick and had to come to Puebla to have his appendix taken out. He is still living at the Mission home while he recuperates.

President wanted to determine if we should put new missionaries in the area and so they traveled to see what it was like first hand.

This is President, Elder Rubio and Elder Gonzalez.

Elder Wennerholm was training Elder Petersen when he got sick.

No, this is not where the members meet for church, this is a Catholic church in the city.

This is Mount Orizaba and it is 18,000 ft. high. It is one of the three volcanoes that surround Puebla. This one is not active and is actually just outside of the Mission.

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