the fan

the fan

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the mission, we have a program where each of our Native Spanish speakers are encouraged to learn English. Many of them learn English in school and speak English quite well. The Church has implemented a program where each of the missionaries can take a test to show their proficiency in English. These missionaries recently took the test before they were released and headed for home. They did very well on it. This will help them to get a job in their home country of Mexico where the employer is hoping to hire someone who has the ability to speak English.

Elder Nepomuceno, Elder Zamora and Elder Martinez

Bien Hecho Elderes!

I also have to mention that today is my birthday and we have the sweetest elders in the mission! I received many good wishes and the office elders and the President went and got a cake.

It was covered with fruit on the top and was beautiful!

There is a tradition here that the birthday person has to take the first bite
of the cake and usually someone else pushes their face in the cake...
the elders were very nice and skipped that second part!

As you can see, I did take the first bite and it was delicious!

We didn't have a knife, so yes, I am cutting the cake with a ruler...
at least we had plates! We enjoyed it a lot. Thank you elders for a great birthday!

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