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the fan

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tonto Natural Bridge

One of the activities we wanted to do with everyone was a hike.  Tonto is really beautiful and a fairly easy hike, so we thought it would work.  It was a perfect day!
We gathered in the parking lot while everyone arrived and we figured out which trail we would take.

We were treated by seeing a wild herd of javelinas in the parking lot.  They had a few babies, too.

Grandma          Ben & Tessa,        Robbie, Emy & Brad,       Nicole, Taylor and Emma
Catherine, Noah and Ethan        Lindsay & Ivy           Nickie, Richard & Bennett                                                                                                                  

first stop... a little pool where the river meets the trail

the trees were all changing colors and it was beautiful!
it looked more like Fall than Winter, but it was amazing.

Taylor and Emma

This was one of the prettier spots

Richard and Bennett

Taylor, Nicole and Emma

Nickie, Richard and Bennett

We reached the bridge!

Brad, Emy & Robbie

Lindsay, Ivy and Wesley

Catherine checking out the cave

Ben and Tessa

Catherine, Noah, Ethan and Uncle Taylor

Grandma & Grandpa

Wesley and Grandma picking out souvenir rocks

another beautiful spot

crossing the river sometimes was a little tricky

it was a good thing we had lots of helpers!

hiking back up the trail 

someone was getting a little tired!

but Wesley cheered her up...

the bridge from the top...

 Yes, in spite of what the the bench says, Ben DID survive...

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