the fan

the fan

Friday, April 6, 2012

April ZLC

Each month we have a Zone Leader Council. We do training, have lunch then take lots of pictures. These are the new Zone Leader Council since the last Transfer...

Our Assistants, Elder Bencomo and Elder Izaguirre

Elder Bertha

Elder Divildox

The Office Elders, Elder Rainford and Elder Hernandez

All of these Elders are new since our last ZLC
Elder Williams, Elder Thorpe, Elder Walker, Elder Olson, Elder Zuniga, Elder Myers, Elder Kenczka, Elder Pontsler and Elder Stevens

Popo looking good tonight.

Today was also Brian's birthday. He turned 18 today and he had a good day with Shani
nd his friends. Shani gave him a trip to the local Trapeze center. He had a blast!

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