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Monday, March 5, 2012

March Zone Leaders Council

Because our Zone Leaders change every few months, I like to put their pictures up each month. This is the last ZLC for many of our elders, so the pictures for next month will change a lot. I'm not sure how we'll replace these good elders! As usual, we received good training and instruction from Elder Izaguirre and Elder Bencomo, as well as from a few of the Zone Leaders, and President Reeves.

Elder Zimmerman at the piano along with Elders Christensen, Riggin,
Wennerholm and Turner sing a hymn for us during the recess

The Zone Leaders, Assistants and Office Secretaries

Elder Chacon, Elder Graham (in the back), Elder Christensen,
Elder Zimmerman, Elder Blanchard, Elder Gutowski and Elder Lambson.
This was the last Zone Leader Council for these elders. We will miss them!

Yesterday, we had the privilege of attending the Stake Conference for the Chiautempan Stake. Many times, we will attend two sessions of Conference, but because of the distance that the members of the stake have to travel, the second session was held in Apizaco. The building in Apizaco is not big enough to accommodate all the members in that area, so they put up a tent and we held our meeting outdoors...

President Ahuacatitan thanking the choir for their beautiful numbers

It was quite spacious and I thought it was very ingenious of the leaders of the Stake.
There was plenty of room for everyone and it was a great session of Conference.

Pictures with some of the members

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