the fan

the fan

Friday, March 23, 2012


Every three months, President has the opportunity to interview all the missionaries in the mission. This means that for a week, we travel around the mission to all the different zones. President interviews the missionaries, while the Assistants and I get to train and visit with the missionaries. Sister Call, in the Mexico City North Mission, gave me the idea to do mending of the missionaries' clothing while we do interviews. This was very successful and I enjoyed helping out the missionaries a lot. There were even a couple of them who took the opportunity to sew on a button or fix their tie with my sewing supplies. Bien Hecho Elderes!

A herd of goats and cows walking down the street in front of the church

Our building in Nealtican, at the base of Mt. Popocatepetl

Mt. Popo at sunset

Well, this time I didn't get any pictures of the elders or sisters.
In three months, I will try to get some pictures of the missionaries!

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