the fan

the fan

Friday, May 13, 2011

lucky us…

So, some of you may know that over the last few months we have been slowly finding homes for all of our animals.  We can’t take them to Mexico with us… We have been successful in finding homes for everybody but the dogs.  But that’s another story…

So last week, on Thursday, Richard and I were taking some things out to the trash and Richard noticed a cat cuddled up next to our shed.  He said something about “you might have some kittens, Mom” and I got very excited!  But, wait!  I’m going on a mission!  I’m supposed to be giving my animals away, not acquiring more!

Well, we couldn’t just leave them there.  The mother is a stray and we didn’t want them to become strays also, so we took them in and started feeding them.  Luckily, they are old enough that we were able to wean them pretty quickly and they are eating well.


Sadie has been wanting a kitten for a long time, so Richard and Nickie will be adopting one and the other two will stay here till they are old enough to be adopted out.  What a great way for me to end my time here!


this is them in their new home in Brian’s room.  Wish I could keep them!

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