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Sunday, May 1, 2011

from start to finish...

Friday, April 22 We drove to Utah in preparation for Lindsay's upcoming marriage to Darren Dickerson, the love of her life! It was a fun trip, but a little different this time. Robert drove by himself in our car and I drove with Kimber and Van, so I could help keep Van happy. What a fun trip! I loved singing to Van and playing with him and watching him sleep. What a precious angel! We stopped in Aurora to pick up Grandma Heagle and then drove up to Provo where we planned to stay with Robert's brother Dave, and his wife, Vickie, for the week.

Saturday, April 23 Robert and I went to the MTC for another tutor session with Brother Bird. We love our tutor sessions with him because we learn so much.

Copy of DSCN1845

We stopped by the Dickerson's and planned where we would arrange everything, then had lunch. After lunch, we headed to the temple with Lindsay. It was such a wonderful session and she loved everything about it. She got pretty emotional when she saw how many family members were there to share the day with her. I loved being there with her and helping her to understand the temple. It was a sweet experience to share with her.

We had several family members there as well as Darren and his family. We all went to Cafe Rio afterward for dinner. Cafe Rio is delicious! After dinner Robert and I took Grandma back to Payson where we met my sister, Cindy, who took my mom home. Cindy and Grandma were headed to Hawaii on Tuesday for a little vacation.

Sunday, April 24 Easter Sunday Robert and I, Kimber and Van attended church with Kelli and her family and then went to her house for Easter dinner. Richard, Nickie and the kids also joined us for dinner. It was very fun to be with everyone and the children enjoyed being together and looking at the chickens in the back yard.

Monday, April 25 What a full day! Kimber is a very creative person and she had this idea to make cute tables for the reception. So today we painted, sanded, stained, and attached legs to some doors that we brought up from Arizona. They turned out way cute! We had dinner at the Dickerson's (they fed us a lot while we were there) because it was so late by the time we got done. I got to play with Van and take him on a walk after he woke up from his nap, while a lot of the work was being done.

Friday, April 29, 2011


Sadie and Mason couldn’t wait for Darren & Lindsay to come out of the temple doors!


Mr. & Mrs. Darren Dickerson

The day started out very cold and so taking pictures was a challenge…


Brother Dickerson had a sleeping bag that he kept throwing around Lindsay in between pictures in an effort to keep her warm!


Copy of DSCN1903

Larry did manage to get some pretty awesome pictures…



Taylor flew out from Virginia to be here for his little sisters’ wedding day.



After the sealing we attended a luncheon, which was held at the Northampton House in the Pleasant Grove area.  It was beautiful and we had a great time visiting with friends and family. 


The reception in the cultural hall (not plan A) turned out beautifully thanks to Kimber.  She spent a lot of time and energy and it paid off!


These are the cute tables that we made out of doors on Monday.  All Kimber’s idea!  She’s amazing…



We had a really great day!

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