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the fan

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today was the second day of General Conference. It happens every 6 months...I think it can't possibly get better than the last session, but it does. After the second session today, our family discussed the talks that made an impression on us and the principles that were mentioned and the ways in which we were taught. Elder Holland's talk was mentioned several times. What a powerful testimony he shared of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Elder Bednar's talk of the familiar scenes from their family were all too familiar to our own experience and, of course, President Monson's talk about service was a favorite, too. We learned of love and service and changed hearts and how we have to nourish them. How we love listening to the General Authorities and their testimonies and the words that they share with us. It is the highlight of our year. Lindsay had the opportunity to attend two sessions of General Conference this year and she enjoyed it immensely.

We had family members over to our home to watch Conference and have dinner and the following are some pictures of the family as we watched Conference. An all around great weekend!

Brian & Ben watching Conference...
Ethan likes to climb and he spent a lot of time climbing up Grandma and up onto the chair...

Kimber, Ethan and Catherine playing.
Kisses from Dakota

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