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the fan

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I think we've started a new tradition in our family which is amazing that we'd be starting a new one so late in life! We had our kids who were in town over for a BBQ and swimming for a "pre-Father's Day celebration". It was a lot of fun!

Catherine and Ethan had a great time eating their s'mores... they take after their dad.

It was a beautiful day, but unfortunately, I was busy with some things that I had to do and Robert ended up doing most of the cooking...oops! But it was great! Steaks and perfect chicken and hot dogs. After dinner we made s'mores and thanks to Bradley, sang songs around our bonfire... something like that! It was a great day with great weather and great company!

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  1. Robert and Janet - Hi, I've lost your email addresses, or never got them after you moved to Gilbert. My son, Zach, and I will be in Phoenix on Friday afternoon and Saturday (July 10/11) looking for housing for him for law school in August. Would love to see you for lunch on Saturday if you're available! Gary White