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the fan

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beneficial Convention

This past week, the last Beneficial Sales Convention was held in Anaheim, California and we were glad we were able to go. We went bowling, visited Disneyland, visited the beach, had amazing meals and visited with very dear friends, whom we have known for many years.

It was really fun to go to Disneyland, but very different because we didn't have any little ones with us. Disneyland really is made for kids and families. But we did have a great time...
we even got to hang out with Tinkerbell for awhile!
As usual, the flowers and grounds at Disneyland looked beautiful

...and I've always wanted to stay in this hotel. It is so beautiful and it is connected to California Adventure. We could walk right into the park from our hotel lobby! cool...

a picture of the lobby looking towards the massive fireplace

We also spent one day down at the beach which we loved. We rented a couple of beach cruisers and rode all the way down the beach. It was so fun!

On the way to Disneyland, we stopped to see Mel & Linda who are presiding over the California, Riverside Mission. We went to lunch with Mel, Linda and their twins, Allyson and Valerie. (I think Allyson is on the left??) It was wonderful to hear about all the great things that are going on with the missionary work in that area and to spend some time with them.

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