the fan

the fan

Sunday, November 16, 2008

my Dad

I have been putting off writing this post because I didn't know where to start.
On October 28, my dad passed away.
I've been thinking about what to write that would adequately
describe how I feel about my dad and I think the best thing to do is to share some of the things that I've written in my journal about the things that he loved and some of the memories I have of him. Hopefully, those of you who didn't know him will get to know him from what I share and those of you who did know him will be able to relate and enjoy the same memories...

-my dad gave great hugs and kisses

-my dad was very intelligent

-my dad loved tickling anybody who would jump when he did it...

- my dad was a spiritual giant

-my dad loved ice hockey - playing as a kid and watching as an adult

-my dad loved playing games, his grandkids and the fourth of July

-my dad loved to go out on the quads in the mountains of Utah

- my dad was a great builder of rooms, patios, hope chests - you name it, he built it.

- my dad loved to take my kids out for their first driving lesson in the hills by their home

the list could go on for a long time and probably will in my journal, but for now, this is it. I will miss my dad and all the fun things he would do, but I know that he is okay. How grateful I am for the knowledge that I have of a resurrection and of a life after this one, that I will be with my family forever and knowing that he is with loved ones who have gone on before him. I will be forever grateful to my dad and mom who chose to teach me and guide me and help me to become the person I am. I owe both of them so much...


  1. I'm so sorry to hear your dad passed away! It sounds like he was a wonderful man. What a blessing good parents can be in the lives of their children.

  2. Very sweet post.

    AND some how that John Denver music really suits you! :-)

  3. Thanks mom for posting this about grandpa. A flood of memories filled my mind as I read through your memories of him. I'll miss him, but I'm glad to know I'll see him again.