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Monday, April 15, 2013

April Mission Presidents Seminar

As usual our seminar was held in Mexico City at the airport hotel.  It was a little bittersweet as those who started their service the year before we did will be leaving for home in July.  This is their last Seminar and then they will be going home.  That includes the Hickens.  We will miss them, but we'll see them again soon!

The 2010 Generation of Mission Presidents in Mexico

Another couple that we have gotten to be good friends with over the last two years...
Presidente and Hermana Villarreal

Hermana Angulo, Hermana Reeves and Hermana Villarreal

One of our missionaries happened to be going home this same day and we were able to visit with him in the airport for a bit.  Elder Garcia from Santiago, Chile

Presidente and Hermana Hicken, who were serving next door in the Mexico City East Mission

Presidente and Hermana Walker, who were serving in the Monterey East Mission.  He was sustained in General Conference and will begin serving as an Area Seventy in July, right after they finish their service as Mission President.  They are an amazing couple and are originally from Argentina.

This is our generation of Mission Presidents and wives serving in various areas in Mexico

Los Presidentes

This is a mixed group of three generations of Mission President's wives...
Sister Reeves, Sister Christensen, Sister Martineau (works with her husband in the area offices), Sister Wagner, Sister Call, Sister Jordan and Sister Hicken

Presidente and Hermana Johnson (Area President) and Presidente and Hermana Hicken

The instruction we received at the seminar was great.  We left with a renewed determination to do our best to help our missionaries truly be converted to the Gospel of Christ.

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