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the fan

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


It was wonderful to have family and friends come to visit, but now it's back to life in the Mission!  The same day that Mel and Linda headed back to Utah, we welcomed four new missionaries to Puebla in the morning and three from the United States in the evening.

We took them all back to the Mission home where we had breakfast, they were interviewed and then we did some training and orienting to the Mission.  Later in the day they went out with other Missionaries to experience Puebla for a day before they met their trainers.  

All the new Missionaries and their trainers Tuesday morning.  The Americans get in really late so they sleep at the Mission home, then they meet their new companions at the change meeting on Tuesday.

Hermana Molina went home very early Tuesday morning... we will miss her so much!  

Hermana Solano and Hermana Chento

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