the fan

the fan

Friday, November 30, 2012


Zone Leaders for the month of November...


We traveled to Ajalpan for a District Conference with the De la Rosas and some 
of the leadership of the District and the missionaries serving in the area


 the sisters in the branch...

 Some of the brothers...

they have some really interesting cactus growing in the area...

At our training meeting this month, we all celebrated my birthday together.  It was a good thing that Elder De la Rosa brought the cake because I had forgotten dessert for the day!

Elder Beckwith, Elder Olson and Elder Wells

I love to see all the corn stalks stacked in the fields this time of year...

Elder Turner came to Puebla for a visit from Utah and stopped in to see us for a bit

Elder Olson and Elder Kenczka are very proud and excited about their outfits that they had made...
They both served as our assistants and are going home this month.

Another favorite landscape picture from this time of year.
Mt. Orizaba

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