the fan

the fan

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Mom´s Funeral

Just some pictures from my mom´s funeral on Thursday...

Richard, Taylor, Larry, Kimber and Kelli practicing to sing for the service

Mason got a little bored during the practice, so he decided to build a house with the programs

the graveside service...

all of the sisters families after the funeral

The Relief Society Sisters prepared a very nice lunch for the family
following the funeral services. This was the Reeves family table.

I know Mom would have been very pleased with this part of
lunch and she would have probably started with her cake!

Kelli and Adam filled the balloons for our send off to Mom

Cindy explaining that we are sending balloons up to Mom to let her know that we love her.

everybody gets a balloon!

watching the balloons fly upward to Mom

Together again... We love you Mom & Dad!

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  1. Love that you were able to say goodbye. She is so happy! She probably loved looking down on everyone being together. Love you!