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the fan

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another sad weekend

I have not been looking forward to this weekend. It started out well with our monthly Zone Leader Council on Friday, which was fine. We have started serving breakfast because some of the elders get up very early to make it here on time and they don't have time to eat. The meeting was wonderful as usual, with the assistants doing some training and the President sharing some thoughts and direction regarding the little rules in the mission.

The Zone Leaders, Assistants and Office Elders

We try to encourage the missionaries to be Preach My Gospel missionaries and to attain a level of excellence in everything they do.

Elder Wennerholm and Elder Turner singing a hymn during our recess

This was Elder Tate's last ZLC and last weekend with us. On Saturday we attended four baptisms, which was great. He will go home on Monday. This is the part I don't like...

On Sunday, Elder Tate came to the mission home for the departure dinner
and testimony meeting. He was the only missionary in his generation.

Our picture with the departing missionaries...
Elder Rainford, Elder Izaguirre, the new Assistant, Elder Hernandez and Elder Bencomo

On Monday morning, we usually let the office elders take the missionaries to the airport because it is so early in the morning. We decided to take Elder Tate, though.

Saying goodbye at the Puebla Airport

We will really miss Elder Tate. He was a wonderful example for the other missionaries,
a great teacher and a great Assistant. We will miss his cheerful smile and his happy attitude,
but we wish him the best as he returns home

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  1. Another missionary mom just mentioned this blog, so I'm a newcomer, but I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for posting missionary pictures, but I love seeing your family, too. Elder Wennerholm went out with my son, Elder Stevens, and I loved the Zone Conference pictures.