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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Zone Conferences

Has it really been three months since we had our last Zone Conference? All week, we held Zone Conferences in the different areas of the mission. It was a great way to start off the new year!

On Tuesday we traveled to Tehuecan and met with the Tehuecan and Atlixco zones. On the way to the conference, we saw an accident involving a truck that missed the entrance to the toll booth and another one further down the road involving a bus and the median...

don't ask me how it got up there on the median!

Atlixco Zone

Tehuecan Zone

We even got a glimpse of Pico de Orizaba on the way back.

This is a volcano that is just outside the boundaries of our mission, in Veracruz,
but it is the highest volcano in Mexico and the third highest peak in the world.

As we came into Puebla, we caught this beautiful picture of Popocateptl
or "Popo" as we call it, another active volcano right here in Puebla.

We love to see how it looks every day.

On Wednesday we drove to Chiautempan and met with the Tlaxcala and Chiautempan zones

it's very cold in Tlaxcala, especially inside the church!

Tlaxcala Zone

Chiautempan Zone

On Thursday we stayed here in Puebla and met at the chapel right next to the office with the Norte and Oriente zones.
Norte Zone

Oriente Zone presented a guitar number for us during the break

Oriente Zone

Today we also had another new elder arrive in the field from Peru, Elder Mimbela...

On Friday we were in Puebla with the Sur and Poniente zones.

Sur Zone

Elder Bertha doing some training

Poniente Zone

After the training with the elders and sisters we provided lunch for them.

Elder Tate and Bencomo helped out a lot with the lunch this time and it was so helpful!

They did all the organizing and helped each day with making sure we had everything we needed for lunch. Lunch is a very popular part of the day!

fixing a sandwich...

The training centered a lot around using Preach My Gospel in their studying and teaching...

Elder Kenczka, a District Leader, doing some training

...and they also had an opportunity to practice the principles they were taught.

Zone Conferences are always a great time to teach principles, learn what is
expected of them as missionaries, and to get to know each other. We love Zone Conferences!

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